Solo LP – KNVF (Erratum Musical)
I’m delighted to release my first full length solo LP on longtime label for vocal noise and sound poetry Erratum Musical.

Project for Storm King Art Center
Earlier this summer, artist Martha Tuttle and poet Gabe Kruis invited me to create a response to Martha’s installation at Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY. Storm King has been close to my heart since I first moved to New York and I was thrilled at the opportunity. Martha’s work, “A stone that thinks of Enceladus” is an 8-acre installation made of 200 hand-crafted glass and marble stones on top of and around large boulders from Storm King’s site. I created a set of short pieces, which I’m fondly calling miniatures, in response to Martha’s work & the surrounding environment. The album will be up on the exhibition website and featured on the Center’s Audio Guide app for those listening on site. Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to hearing your responses to the project.

Charmaine Lee – a stone widens it

Duo with Zach Rowden – Butterfly Knife (Notice Recordings)
Zach and I have been playing together as a duo for several years. We live in different cities and often have long stretches of time apart, so our meetings are always an exciting touch point for where we are at creatively and personally in our lives. We recorded this duo on a sweaty July afternoon in an old warehouse in New Haven in 2019.